1 April 2021: Indian Ocean

Ship Captain Angelo Capurro likely contracted Covid-19 and began showing symptoms on the second day of his journey on the MV Ital Libera cargo vessel. Five days later, the 61-year-old was confined to his cabin and could not get out of bed. The captain was also the designated medical officer leaving no one else to help. He died six days later. The dilemma: the cargo ship was without a shipmaster, there was a dead body onboard with no way to store it and a possible Covid outbreak on the ship. The ship was unable to find a port that would accept the corpse due to the circumstances of the illness and pandemic, making the ship stranded for six weeks off the coast of Jakarta, Indonesia while looking for a suitable place to dock. The situation was not resolved until June 11, when the body of the captain was returned to Italy, his home. The state of the body was in very poor condition since the ship did not have proper storage for such a situation. The son of the captain reportedly said that his father could have possibly survived the illness with appropriate care. Since the pandemic began there have been ten additional instances of deaths at sea with the bodies being held on board, denied disembarkation to repatriate the bodies, although none of the others were from covid.