Kipp Baldwin, 59, was suspected of stealing $125,000 (c. £101,000) worth of copper from Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport. Baldwin, an electrician who works for the Metropolitan Airports Commission, worked at the airport from Monday to Friday but would also come into work on the weekend. Last year the airport underwent infrastructure replacements on various piping, wiring, heating and air conditioning systems. This work was done by the contractor, Hunt Electric; however, Baldwin would pose as a Hunt worker to collect copper during the weekdays and weekends, and then hide them in a box until he could remove it from the airport. Baldwin took the copper to a scrap metal facility. At one facility, Baldwin is said to have made over 70 deliveries and was paid $145,722 (c. £118,000) from March 2015 to November 2019. Baldwin was allegedly selling scrap metal from 1995 and had 10 retirement accounts in his name worth $1.3million (c. £1,050,000).

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