10 March: London, UK

easyJet settled a lawsuit with a British-Israeli woman who was made to move seats twice because her originally-assigned seatmates, ultra-Orthodox Jewish men, refused to sit with her. She did move even though she did not want to. Later she lodged a formal complaint with the company, asking for 15000 pounds, however the final agreed compensation was not released. A statement by easyJet said, “EasyJet does not believe that female passengers should be asked to move seats simply based on their gender. The airline has a policy to politely inform any customer who raises this request that this will not be accommodated. Unfortunately, according to Melanie Wolfson this policy was not followed in her case. EasyJet is committed to tackling any discrimination on flights…we take this very seriously and in addition to compensating Ms. Wolfson for her experience, easyJet intends to implement additional crew training and renew our crew guidelines in order to prevent these incidents happening in the future.”