14 January 2023: Atlanta, Georgia

On January 6, a man identified as Terence Stewart somehow managed to get over the razor wire fence that surrounds the perimeter of the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Intl. Airport, local police confirmed. Officials at the airport were investigating how the man was able to get into the secured area of the airport and board a plane. Atlanta police said the man went over a fence and got on board a parked airliner, which resulted in a face-to-face encounter with airline personnel in the cockpit. After breaching the secure airport area, officials reported that Stewart got into a Delta truck and “started driving around the airport.” The man drove to a hangar, then jumped out of the vehicle near a Southwest plane and climbed aboard. That is when he came in contact with a person in the cockpit. Police were able to put Stewart in handcuffs but he then ran off again, got into another Delta vehicle and drove that one off as well. He was eventually subdued and is now facing criminal trespassing and auto theft charges.