16 February 2024: En Route from Vancouver to Toronto

An 18-year-old from British Columbia is facing charges after he attempted to open the door of an aircraft while it was en route from Vancouver to Toronto. His actions caused the pilots to divert to Winnipeg, according to a spokesperson for Winnipeg Airports Authority. WestJet flight 710 diverted to the Winnipeg Richardson International. RCMP Manitoba said in a statement that it received reports of an unruly passenger trying to open the aircraft’s emergency door about half an hour before the plane landed. “Crew and other passengers had intervened and held him until they landed in Winnipeg. He was arrested without incident,” the statement said. A WestJet spokesperson said emergency medical services also met the plane when it landed. “Our crew are trained to handle passengers who may pose a safety hazard to themselves or others, as well as in de-escalating many situations to protect everyone on board,” the spokesperson said in an email to CBC News. The man was charged with endangering an aircraft under the Aeronautics Act. He was released from custody and is scheduled to appear at a Winnipeg court on May 23.