17 April 2024: Toronto

Canadian law enforcement announced the arrest of nine people, one is an Air Canada employee, in connection with the $20 million Canadian ($14.5 million) theft of gold bars and $2.5 million Canadian, ($1.8 million) in bank notes. The items were taken from a warehouse at Toronto Pearson Airport in April of 2023. Three other arrest warrants have been issued including one for an Air Canada manager. The original incident took place April 17, 2023, when a flight landed at Pearson International Airport from Zurich, Switzerland, with a cargo containing 6600 bars of .9999% pure gold. The bars weighed 400 kilograms. Shortly after landing, these items were offloaded and transported to a separate location on the airport property. The cargo was reported missing to the regional police department in Peel on April 18, 2023.