17 February 2024: En Route From Phuket to Tel Aviv

An attempt to take over an El Al aircraft by “hostile elements” was reported. The attack was directed at the communication network of the El Al plane that was flying from Phuket to Ben-Gurion Airport. The attempt tried to divert it from its destination, El Al confirmed the next day. The plane reached its destination safely. The incident is reported to have taken place over an area where the Iran-backed Houthis are active. Somalia has also communication interruptions, but no responsibility has been determined. During the incident, instructions were given to the crew that were different from their set route. The crew disobeyed the instructions and switched to alternative means of communication. A statement at El Al stressed that “the disturbances are not aimed at El Al planes and that this is not a security incident. The disruption did not affect the normal course of the flight thanks to the professionalism of the pilots who used the alternative means of communication and allowed the flight to continue on the planned route.”