A 31-stone man aboard an EVA Air flight from Los Angeles to Taoyuan forced flight attendants to undress and wipe his backside after claiming to have injured his right hand. The man threatened to relieve himself on the floor if the all-female crew did not meet his demands. When he had finished using the toilet, the passenger demanded the crew wipe his backside clean. The chief attendant reluctantly proceeded to do so, as she did not want to leave the man trapped in the lavatory. The man then began to moan telling her to go “deeper”, making her repeat it three times. Allegedly, this is the second time the man has harassed EVA Air staff to clean his backside. Additionally, there are claims that the man made staff clean his urine bottle, and soda and yoghurt that he had spilled on himself on other flights. The man was blacklisted by EVA Air for the most recent incident, however, he has since managed to book more flights with the airline by adding an extra space in his name when making his reservation.

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