20 April 2022: Buffalo, New York

A California woman became agitated with flight attendants during taxi out and opened the airplane emergency exit setting off the inflatable slide. She then jumped down the slide just before takeoff in Buffalo, New York. The passenger, Cynthia McKnight, reportedly ran around on the airport tarmac before being caught by police, according to a local news report. McKnight was on board an American Airlines flight headed for Chicago. “Cynthia McKnight faces a number of charges including disorderly conduct, harassment, trespass and criminal mischief,” NFTA Director of Public Affairs Helen Tederous said in the News 4 report. Some reports said McKnight actually opened the cabin door of the plane. NFL Buffalo Bills offensive tackle, Spencer Brown, was on the plane and tweeted about the incident afterward saying, “Sitting on a plane. A lady is pissed. Lady pulls the emergency inflatable slide to escape the plane. Lady is running wild through the tarmac currently. Cops have arrived. Flight ruined. Memories made. Noice,”