20 April 2024: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

An Oklahoma City man punched and tackled a city bus driver causing the bus to crash into a building. A 23-year-old suspect, Tihron Harrison, was arrested and charged with assault and battery. Police said Harrison became enraged when the bus driver wouldn’t stop the bus at an earlier stop. “The suspect asked to be let off at the intersection of Britton and Western. The bus driver told him he couldn’t do that,” said Lt. Jeff Cooper with the Oklahoma City Police Department. Video shows the suspect punch through the plexiglass covering around the driver and attempting to pull him out. He was able to pull the driver from his seat and tackle him while the bus was still moving. A passenger tried to help and get the suspect off the driver. This gave the driver time to get free for a moment before the bus ran into the Britton Lumber building. When cops arrived at the scene, Harrison then ran and tried to scale a fence. The bus driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries.