20 February 2022: Corfu, Greece

One person was found dead on a ferry that caught fire and burned near the island of Corfu, Greece in late February. He was the first person believed to have been killed in the fire, but 10 others were missing and thought to be dead. Hundreds were taken off the Italian-owned Euroferry, Olympia. Around 290 passengers and crew members were reported to be onboard when the fire broke out after it left the Greek port of Igoumenitsa, headed to Brindisi, Italy. There were also 153 trucks and 32 cars aboard. The dead man was found when rescue workers opened the doors to a truck being carried on the ferry. “He had burns over a large part of his body,” said Vassilis Vathrakoyiannis, a spokesman for the Greek fire service. Earlier, a truck driver from Belarus was rescued from the ferry, and search operations were continuing for the missing 10 people, said Nikolaos Alexiou, a spokesman for the Greek Coast Guard.