22 August 2022: Atlanta, Georgia

A woman shot and killed two people in Midtown Atlanta. A third person was injured. The woman fled and a huge police search ensued. Raissa Djuissi Kengne was later arrested at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Police officers recovered a semiautomatic handgun and did not immediately discuss a possible motive. “We do not believe these were random acts of violence,” Darin Schierbaum, interim chief of the Atlanta Police Department, said at a news conference that day. “We believe individuals were likely targeted that were harmed today.” Mayor Andre Dickens said “strong coordination and professionalism” of law enforcement agencies and the “vital support and information from the public” helped the police find the woman. The police added the “extensive camera network” in the area had also been instrumental in the search. “I want to state clearly that the security of the airport was never compromised,” Mayor Dickens said at a news conference. “The suspect was apprehended prior to being in any controlled areas of the airport.”