An Israeli court ordered Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) to compensate a Jewish couple for antisemitic remarks made by airport ground handling staff at Vienna Airport on 24 April 2019. UIA was ordered to pay NIS 2,000 to each of the claimants and another NIS 1,000 for the delay in receiving their luggage. Allegedly, when the couple checked in for their flight to Tel Aviv via Kiev, their checked luggage was 100g overweight and they were asked to pay €60. The couple then tried to repack some of the contents into their carry-on when one of the staff said, “Why do Jews always have a problem paying money?” along with other similar comments. The couple were denied boarding, forced to buy new tickets for a different flight the next day and didn’t receive their checked luggage until a day after they arrived in Israel. UIA claimed that the couple had shouted at and insulted staff.