22 September 2021: En Route Boston to San Juan

Khalil El Dhar was arrested upon arrival at San Juan, Puerto Rico for allegedly kicking and choking a flight attendant as well as trying to breach the flight deck. The was en route from Boston, Mass. to San Juan and with approximately an hour left in the flight he reportedly became angry because he could not make a phone call. He leapt from his seat and ran towards the flight deck. He yelled in Spanish for someone to shoot him, according to a flight attendant’s statement to the FBI. The flight attendant was able to maneuver El Dhar to the galley area, however, a flight crew member opened the door to the flight deck at that time. “El Dhar observed the door open and then grabbed the JetBlue [flight attendant] by their collar and tie with one hand while using his other hand to grab the overhead compartment to gain leverage to kick,” the affidavit states. “As the JetBlue [flight attendant] was kicked in the chest, El Dhar yelled for the flight crew officer to shoot him.” He did not gain access to the flight deck. He was restrained in a seat until the flight landed in San Juan. More on this incident on page 49.