24 February 2022: Azores, Portugal

A 656-foot cargo ship, the Felicity Ace, which is a roll-on roll-off car-carrying ship, caught fire in the Atlantic Ocean. It was carrying cargo, including luxury cars such as Porsches and Volkswagens. The ship was en route from Germany to Rhode Island. At the time the ship caught fire, it was sailing 90 nautical miles southwest of Portugal’s Azores, according to a statement by the Portuguese Navy. The fire spread and forced the 22 crew members on board to abandon ship leaving it adrift for a time. As it burned, its owners arranged for it to be towed to port. Registered to Panama, the Felicity Ace is operated by Japanese shipping line Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL). The ship eventually sank while being towed in an attempt to recover it.