Quincy Thorpe, 40, a Delta Ground Services employee allegedly stole a bag that contained $258,200 (c. £209,400) of cash whilst he was loading a plane that was heading to Miami. The bag was a part of eight bags being transported by Victim Security Company. The theft was discovered in Miami when only seven bags arrived. Surveillance footage shows Thorpe scanning seven bags onto the plane and placing an eighth bag into a Delta van and driving off. Thorpe called in sick at work for the next two days and was arrested on 26 September. Thorpe’s friend, Emmanuel Asuquo Okon, 33, was arrested on 29 September in relation to the heist. Surveillance footage shows Okon’s vehicle in an unsecured area of the airport, pulling up behind the Delta van Thorpe was driving; the vehicles leave at the same time, however Thorpe was no longer in the van. Later CCTV showed Thorpe entering Terminal 2. A police search of Okun’s vehicle, which was parked outside Thorpe’s home, found an envelope with Victim Security Company’s transfer manifest and a Delta Air Waybill for 24 September.

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