26 May 2023: En route to Jeju, Korea

Twelve people were injured en route to Jeju, Korea, when a man opened the emergency door of an Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200, while in flight, but at a low altitude. The incident caused air to flow into the cabin, terrifying passengers. Some testified they suffered severe ear pain. A social media video shared widely shows passengers’ hair being whipped by air blowing into the cabin. The plane was flying just a few hundred feet off the ground while preparing to land, according to Asiana Airlines officials, which allowed the exit to be opened since there wasn’t a large pressure difference. The airline said in a statement that it would stop the sale of emergency exit seats on its 174-seat A321-200 planes and the 195-seat A321-200s, as a safety precaution. The passenger, surnamed Lee, was seated near the emergency exit, airline officials said. He was arrested shortly thereafter.