Five men were jailed for their involvement in a $72 million diamond robbery in 2005, at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. The armed robbers stole the diamonds from a flight heading to Antwerp. The robbers were disguised as KLM workers and fled in a KLM van. $29 million (c. £22 million) worth of diamonds were retrieved from the escape vehicle however the remaining $43 million’s worth (c. £32,760,000) was not found. Seven suspects were arrested in January 2017 after police intercepted a telephone conversation about the heist. Errol H.V., 54, was sentenced seven years in prison. Marlon D., 44, was sentenced to six years. Ramazan N., the KLM employee, received a prison sentence of five years. Another suspect was sentenced to three and a half years. A suspect believed to have been the mastermind recently died. Two other suspects were acquitted.

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