30 April 2022: Over France

Two ITA pilots allegedly fell asleep en route from New York City to Rome in May. The plane, an Airbus A330 at 38,000 feet, was transporting around 250 passengers when air traffic control tried to make contact with the pilots. They got no response for more than ten minutes. One pilot was reportedly on a designated sleeping break but the airplane’s captain fell asleep too, according to the investigators. ATC became concerned and started to scramble fighter jets in case of terrorist involvement, but they were eventually able to get an answer. French military fighter jets were deployed at 3:56am, to do a wellness check on the plane and look into the cockpit, according to reports. At 4:02am the pilots once again became responsive. ITA Airways (formerly Alitalia), said the captain reported that the radios stopped working. Investigators found “strong inconsistencies between the statements made by the captain and the outcome of the internal investigation,” according to a statement. The plane did land safely at its destination.