31 May 2022: Kyogle, NSW Australia

The Australian Transportation Safety Bureau has begun an investigation into the derailment of freight train number 2BS4 near Kyogle, New South Wales, on 31 May 2022. At approximately 1:00am on May 31, 2022, freight train 2BS4, operated by Pacific National derailed 11 wagons near Kyogle, New South Wales. The train was traveling towards Sydney on a single line section of the North Coast line at the time of the derailment. There were no injuries but a significant amount of damage to wagons and track infrastructure occurred. The investigation is being led by the NSW Office of Transport Safety Investigations (OTSI). OTSI conducts rail investigations in NSW on behalf of the ATSB under the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003. OTSI investigators have begun collecting evidence from involved and other interested parties to determine the factors contributing to the accident. This evidence will include: CCTV footage, data logger information, recent track inspection and maintenance, wagon build and maintenance history and actions of the train crew.