5 April: Airborne over Maryland

A pilot who was flying a Southwest Airlines plane back in August of 2020, a has been charged committing a lewd act during a flight. The pilot, Michael Haak, was in command from Philadelphia, Penn. to Orlando, Fla. and the incident reportedly occurred somewhere en route. The complaint states, “On or about August 10, 2020, on an aircraft in the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States, namely Southwest Airlines Flight WN 6607, of which he was the pilot in command, the defendant, MICHAEL HAAK, intentionally committed an act of lewd, indecent and obscene exposure of his genitals in a public place, which if committed in the District of Columbia would violate D.C. Code Section 22-1312 (formerly D.C. Code Section 22-1112).” It goes on to say, “The acts began, continued and were completed while the aircraft was in flight from Philadelphia International Airport to Orlando International Airport, during which it overflew parts of the District of Maryland and other federal districts.” Haak was charged under 49 U.S. Code § 46506(2), which pertains to the “Application of certain criminal laws to acts on aircraft.” Southwest spokesperson Brandy King said in a statement, “The Pilot in question is no longer Employed by Southwest Airlines and departed the Company last year prior to us becoming aware of the matter. The event was recently brought to our attention and we’ve cooperated with the appropriate outside agencies as they investigate. Southwest Airlines takes all matters related to workplace conduct very seriously, with a well-defined policy and reporting process for harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation claims.”