Chana and Yisroel Beck, an Orthodox Jewish couple, alleged that a Spirit Airlines flight attendant called them ‘retarded Jews’ on a flight to Fort Lauderdale from Newark Airport. The couple, travelling with their three infant children, attempted to take a baby carriage that could convert into a seat aboard the aircraft when a flight attendant prevented them from doing so. The flight attendant then allegedly turned to her colleague and made the anti-Semitic slur, which was overheard by another passenger. Yisroel, who was seated away from his family, joined them later in the flight and placed one of his children on his lap. Another flight attendant instructed him to go back to his seat for safety reasons. The couple were banned by Spirit Airlines and their return ticket was voided. Spirit Airlines claimed the couple ignored the instructions of the aircrew multiple times but that they would launch an investigation into the matter.

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