8 March: En Route Ft. Lauderdale – L.A.

A Delta Air Lines flight attendant is accused of inappropriately touching, rubbing and/or stroking an 11-year-old passenger traveling alone from Fort Lauderdale to Australia in December of 2019. The account alleges the unidentified attendant did this “multiple times and in different manners.” The flight attendant is also accused of making inappropriate, sexualized comments, including: “your body’s beautiful” and “I love you,” the suit alleges. The girl reported the incident to Los Angeles police at the airport. A police report says the victim “visibly shaken,” according to the complaint filed by Coral Gables lawyer Ian Pinkert. the airline said it was aware of the lawsuit. “Delta contacted law enforcement immediately upon learning of the initial allegations and cooperated in their investigation,” the airline said in a statement after learning of the allegations. “To Delta’s knowledge, no criminal charges were brought against any Delta employee. Delta has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct in any form by its employees.”