All Nippon Airways Enhances Travel Safety with Integration of MedAire Security Solutions

All Nippon Airways Enhances Travel Safety with Integration of MedAire Security Solutions

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has announced a partnership with international medical and security services company, MedAire, to provide travel threat and security intelligence to its passengers and crew.

MedAire, a leader in aviation security solutions, will work closely with ANA’s security team to identify, assess and understand risks to flights, both in the air and on the ground. The MedAire Portal provides advanced travel risk management resources and tools for aviation security departments to help assess and mitigate travel and safety risks. With more than 35 years of experience vetting threat data, MedAire delivers actionable advice in response to threats impacting operations.

The MedAire Portal has a map-based interface showing 360 degrees of analysis, including near real-time threat and aviation alerts, flight route visualization, fleet tracking, airport risk assessment, airspace analysis, country and city guides and security consulting. With comprehensive security information, MedAire supports organizations with bespoke risk assessments, gap analyses and emergency response reviews.

“We are proud to be chosen as ANA’s partner to provide world-class aviation security intelligence,” Bill Dolny, MedAire CEO said. “Our team of experts, with military and government aviation experience, is well-equipped to guide ANA through any unanticipated risks and threats. Our goal is to deliver intel and advice in critical moments, allowing ANA to make informed decisions for their flights and passengers.”

Haru Kajiki, vice president, aviation security of ANA added, “Ensuring the safety and security of our operations is the foundation of our business. Our partnership with MedAire will allow us to continue to gather the latest intelligence, data and expertise to proactively address emerging risks, and will enhance the safety and peace of mind of our customers as we expand our network.” This collaboration showcases ANA’s commitment to providing the highest level of service to its customers and maintaining the highest standards in aviation safety, the two companies say.