11 June 2022: Zutobi Releases Annual Report on Safest Countries for Driving

Zutobi, an online driver’s education hub has released its annual report on the world’s safest countries for driving. The group says they have seen little change from the previous year. For the second year in a row, they list Norway as the safest country in the world for driving. Runners up include Iceland and Estonia, ranked in last year’s top five safest countries. Switzerland rose into the top ten, up three places from last year. The most dangerous countries for driving have remained consistent since last year, with the three most dangerous seeing no change. They are South Africa, Thailand and the United States. However, India saw its road traffic death rate increase by more than 50%, from 15.6 to 22.6 per 100,000 people, and a number of countries saw their rates improve, particularly Bolivia (from 21.1 to 15.5 per 100,000 people). The average number of estimated road traffic deaths per 100,000 across all countries has decreased since the previous year from 11 to 9.7, while there has been no change in national speed limits and blood alcohol concentration limits in each country. According to the Zutobi study, South Africa had a safety score of 3.41 out of 10, with alcohol and low seatbelt use listed as contributing factors. Zutobi co-founder Leo Waldenback has been quoted as saying that South Africa’s figures were “staggering” and “too damn high. Your roads really are dangerous when looking at the data and I think you have to have massive awareness campaigns, stricter education [and] stricter laws,” Waldenback said. In 2020, there were 848 road traffic deaths in the South Africa and in 2021 there were 822, according to the country’s transport ministry.


29 March 2022: Kaduna, Nigeria

An attack on a passenger train, the second since October happened on 29 March. Armed rebels in the northeast and bandits who have kidnapped hundreds for ransom in the center and northwest parts of the country have left the population scared. Nigerian government officials said a passenger train headed left Abuja headed to the northern city of Kaduna was trapped and attacked by armed bandits. The attackers reportedly planted explosives to halt the train, forced their way on board and gunshots were reported. The NRC suspended operations on Abuja-Kaduna route temporarily.


26 April 2022: Off the Coast of Larne, Northern Ireland

Off the Coast of Larne Northern Ireland A P&O ferry temporarily without power and was left adrift in the Irish Sea briefly. It lost power about five miles off the coast of Larne, Northern Ireland. The European Causeway, which has the ability to hold up to 410 passengers, left Cairnryan in Scotland that afternoon headed for Larne Harbour. A spokesperson for the UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency confirmed that the European Causeway had was experienced a “mechanical failure onboard.” Passengers told the media that the ship was proceeding normally and approximately 30 minutes from port when the lights went out power was lost and the ship drifted to a stop approximately five miles from the Irish coast. Tugs from Larne and Belfast were dispatched to pull the ship to port.


4 April 2022: Berdyansk, Ukraine

A Russian ship was attacked and destroyed in the occupied Ukrainian port city of Berdyansk. Footage showing the Orsk on Thursday, March 24, appears to confirm that is was hit by Ukrainian forces. The footage was posted by the Ukrainian military. It is unclear what caused the explosion and fire on the ship. Russia has used the port as a base bring in equipment for its troops since it was seized days after the Russian invasion. Two other vessels were damaged. Ukrainian TV reported that Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar said the military had hit a “huge target” with the capacity to carry 20 tanks, 45 armored vehicles and 400 troops.


25 May 2022: Villa Blanca, Cuba

A boat carrying 842 Haitians headed for U. S. ended up in Cuba. The group is likely the largest group to attempt reaching the U. S. as Haitians flee from the embattled country. Red Cross officials in the province of Villa Clara said the group was being taken care of at a tourist campground. The group arrived Tuesday at Villa Blanca, about 300 kilometers (180 miles) east of Havana. The Haitians called for help with light signals after their captain abandoned them and cast their boat adrift.


25 May 2022: Off the Coast of Tunisia

Seventy-six migrants were presumed dead when their boat sank off the coast of Tunisia, the United Nations migration agency reported. The boat departed Libya carrying around 100 people. 24 were rescued. Tunisian Coast Guard rescued those people but only found one person dead in the water. They said the others were presumed dead, as they had not lifesaving devices and could not be found.


31 May 2022: Mariupol, Ukraine

A ship left the southern Ukrainian port of Mariupol. It was the first ship to depart since Russia claimed “victory” taking control of the city. This report was according to the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic leader who spoke on behalf of Russian authorities.The RM-3 vessel headed for Rostov in western Russia.


2 June 2022: Shanghai, China

Imports were expected to rise as Shanghai ended a two-month COVID-19 lockdown. Experts are concerned that goods will overwhelm California and other West Coast ports. Although the Port of Shanghai was open during the city’s shutdown, cargo shipment slowed dramatically. Area factories ran out of components for making everything from cars to computers. The surge was expected to begin in full in June.


6 June 2022: Volusia County, Florida

Officers from the Volusia Co. Sheriff’s Office asked to borrow a family’s boat to track down a man who was adrift on a stolen jet ski. The jet ski had apparently run out of fuel and the officers quickly caught up to the thief drifting in the water on the vehicle. The man was arrested.