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Miami Pax Mad About Masks

A Miami passenger angry about being required to mask up made a scene and threatened airport workers in at Miami International Airport on August 27, 2021. See below.

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Frontier Airlines Pax Fight

After landing in Miami, passengers became agitated when one man was being allowed to exit the plane before others. That man was white and a black man was instructed to wait, causing some to call racism. The white man began hitting the black man. This prompted he flight attendant to get involved, followed by the the white man’s wife, his son, his son’s girlfriend, and others, according to eyewitnesses.

Although police did become involved, the black man ultimately decided not to press charges.



8 July 2021: Belgium, Romania, Spain, Italy

U.S. corporations are being targeted by smugglers and the problem has become insidious, reports say with smuggling operations becoming evident on Romania’s border in March, when a truck from Turkey carrying nine tons of dangerous contraband was stopped. Spanish police and customs officials raided a warehouse near Granada, impounding 19 tons of illicit substances there. Last August, authorities in the Italian port of Livorno captured an illegal 3.7-ton shipment from China. The contraband was not drugs but industrial refrigerants. These chemicals are in demand since they are restricted for use in the European union. The price difference between new EU-approved refrigerants and cheaper, older formulas has fueled a black market and drawn smugglers.


17 June 2021: Tulare County, California

During the month of June, a routine audit by the Touchstone Pistachio Company revealed that approximately 42,000 pounds of pistachios were missing. On June 17, the TCSO Ag Crimes Unit were contacted and requested to investigate the theft. Investigative leads in Fresno and Kern County discovered the tractor trailer containing the pistachios had been moved from the Montemayor Trucking lot in Delano to a nearby lot. Detectives found that the pistachios were being moved from 2000-pound sacks into smaller bags for re-sale.The remaining pistachios were returned to the Touchstone Pistachio Company.34-year-old Alberto Montemayor of Montemayor trucking was arrested and booked in Tulare County.


16 June 2021: Van Horn, Texas

More than 30 people trying to illegally come into the United States were discovered locked inside a U-Haul truck in southern Texas. U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents found the group jammed into the rental truck without ventilation. A dozen of the people needed to be hospitalized due to heat related illness.


22 June 2021: Ontario, Canada

The Toronto Police Service announced the takedown of a major international drug-smuggling ring, which saw more than 1,000 kilograms of cocaine, crystal meth, and marijuana being transported between Mexico, California, and Canada using modified tractor trailers. Dubbed Project Brisa, the six-month investigation led officers to work in partnership with Canadian and American law enforcement agencies as well as agencies throughout southwestern Ontario and across Canada. It is alleged that between November 2020 and May 2021, investigators identified those responsible for transporting the illicit substances across borders for sale in Canada. It is further alleged this was made possible by the installation of hydraulic traps in tractor-trailers, capable of smuggling 100 kilograms of substance in a single trip. Twenty people were arrested.


1 April 2021: Indian Ocean

Ship Captain Angelo Capurro likely contracted Covid-19 and began showing symptoms on the second day of his journey on the MV Ital Libera cargo vessel. Five days later, the 61-year-old was confined to his cabin and could not get out of bed. The captain was also the designated medical officer leaving no one else to help. He died six days later. The dilemma: the cargo ship was without a shipmaster, there was a dead body onboard with no way to store it and a possible Covid outbreak on the ship. The ship was unable to find a port that would accept the corpse due to the circumstances of the illness and pandemic, making the ship stranded for six weeks off the coast of Jakarta, Indonesia while looking for a suitable place to dock. The situation was not resolved until June 11, when the body of the captain was returned to Italy, his home. The state of the body was in very poor condition since the ship did not have proper storage for such a situation. The son of the captain reportedly said that his father could have possibly survived the illness with appropriate care. Since the pandemic began there have been ten additional instances of deaths at sea with the bodies being held on board, denied disembarkation to repatriate the bodies, although none of the others were from covid.


23 February 2021: Waterloo Station, London, UK

The UK’s South Western Railway is having to apologize to a size 18 woman due to an inspector who described her as being of “fat build”. The rail firm said the word ‘fat’ was used to describe Natasha Kaur and that it was derogatory but only after she made a formal complaint following a row over not having a valid ticket. The rail worker called the 28-year-old a woman of ‘fat build’ in the written description when she could not produce her ticket. Kaur said she did not realize her ticket had expired until she got to London Waterloo.


24 June 2021: Off the Coast of Grand Turk/Turks & Caicos

The remains of 20 people were found in a boat in the waters of the British territory, the Turks and Caicos Islands. Fishermen saw the boat adrift and approached it. It is unknown what they were doing and who they are. How they died is also a mystery at this time, but authorities said there didn’t appear to be foul play. Police Commissioner Trevor Bottins released a statement saying they think the boat was from outside the Caribbean region and that although it was found near Turks and Caicos, they do not believe it was their intended destination. The boat was found about six miles off the coast of Grand Turk. “A very distressing scene yesterday which my officers dealt with professionally and with great dignity and humanity,” said Commissioner Bottins.


26 June 2021: East Chicago, Indiana

Two adults and a child were killed and three other children were injured when their vehicle was hit by a train. The incident occurred at a railroad crossing in East Chicago, Indiana, Saturday morning, June 26. A surveillance video proved the caution signals were working and the gates were down at the time the vehicle was struck. The vehicle, a Honda Odyssey minivan, went around the gate and into the path of the train, according to a the East Chicago Police Department.