HappyOrNot Launches Next Gen Smiley Feedback Terminal with AI-powered Facial Analysis Software

Instant customer feedback insights company, HappyOrNot, has launched what it is calling its most advanced feedback product: an updated version of its Smiley Touch terminal, already present in airports and retail spaces around the world, now enhanced by artificial intelligence.

Accumulating over a billion feedback responses since its launch, HappyOrNot’s range of smiley-faced terminals serve over 4,000 brands in 135 countries including Amazon, Google, Aramark, and Miami Airport.

Upgrading its popular Smiley Touch product, the new terminal uses a built-in camera system and AI software to unlock and connect in-moment anonymous feedback data with respondent(s) demographic information. The demographic analysis works by converting and mapping facial features into numerous data points to form a vector. The anonymized vector is then analyzed by the AI to estimate the feedback provider’s age and gender — with up to a 95% accuracy rate.

Unlike facial recognition tools, HappyOrNot’s updated Smiley Touch terminal does not identify the individual, instead its only purpose is to analyze a silhouetted vector, which is specifically designed to hide the respondent’s identity.

The company calls this an “unprecedented innovation” in the market, that can help create value and new insights, especially in retail. At a time of economic uncertainty, the new product aims to help businesses make better informed decisions that result in positive operational impact. Already adopted by leading European retail chain XXL Sport & Villmark and Canadian pharmacy chain MacQuarries, the upgraded terminals provide a faster way for businesses to gather detailed information, and crucially, better understand how to meet the unique needs of their target audiences.

Gathering encrypted and anonymous data from the terminals, businesses can also gain a better understanding of the satisfaction levels for specific user groups. The layering of demographics analytics on top of real-time feedback data, supports them to make and measure operational changes that target and add value to specific groups of customers.

“We know that when it comes to customer loyalty, all it takes is one good or bad experience. Yet, providing a personalized service can be challenging when you have customers ranging from 16 to 80. Adding demographics data will allow businesses to better understand their target markets through the feedback provided by their customers.” said Miika Mäkitalo, CEO of HappyOrNot, “Our priority has always been to make customer feedback more digestible, and this latest version will go a long way in providing another layer of context for businesses. This new capability is brilliant for our customers, and I’m very pleased that we are the first in the market to deliver this innovation.”

Using the most advanced technology, HappyOrNot’s new terminal complements its range of innovative feedback solutions aimed at boosting omnichannel customer engagement. To improve accuracy, businesses can also turn on the camera operated feedback guard that recognizes and filters out multiple feedback responses from the same individual in a short period of time. On track to reach 2bn feedback responses by 2024, the upgraded terminals will join other marquee products such as web-based integration Smiley Digital and touchless URL and QR-code solution Smiley Link.

“By combining demographic data with customer satisfaction data, retailers can create a more detailed and nuanced picture of their customers and use this information to make informed business decisions.” explains Kenneth Røsseth-Sørensen, Strategy & Business Development at XXL Group.“For example, a retailer might use this data to identify specific customer segments that are particularly satisfied or dissatisfied with their products or services, and tailor their marketing and customer service strategies accordingly. This can help retailers improve customer loyalty and retention, and ultimately drive sales and revenue.”


22 October 2022: Santiago, Chile

The burglary of a shop in Chile culminated in a car chase and subsequently, money being spread across a highway. According to local media, the alleged burglars tried to steal approximately $10,300 – 10m Chilean pesos. Six people were arrested. Fortunately, most of the money was recovered by police.


28 November 2022: El Paso, Texas

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers working at the Stanton Street dedicated commuter lane border crossing seized 19.78 pounds of cocaine from a traveler enrolled in the Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection (SENTRI) lane. “The use of SENTRI is a privilege but participants are not exempt from inspection,” said CBP El Paso Port Director Ray Provencio. The seizure occurred when a minivan arrived at the Stanton Street dedicated commuter lane from Mexico. A CBP officer conducting primary inspections selected and referred the vehicle for a secondary inspection. A non-intrusive x-ray scan and physical inspection of the vehicle resulted in the discovery of multiple cocaine filled bundles hidden within the dashboard area. The driver was a 71-year-old male Mexican citizen. The narcotics and vehicle were seized and the driver was turned over to the El Paso Sheriff’s Office to face charges in connection with the failed smuggling attempt.


3 November 2022: Detroit, Michigan

The parent company of Chrysler, Stellantis, and the U. S. government warned drivers of 276,000 older vehicles to stop driving them. The Takata air bags that were installed in those models have exploded, apparently, causing death in at least three recent cases. The effected models include the Dodge Magnum wagon, Dodge Challenger and Charger and Chrysler 300 sedans all from the 2005-2010 model years.


7 November 2022: Atlanta, Georgia

A driver who crashed into an Atlanta area charter school, Ivy Preparatory Academy injuring three students was charged with aggravated assault, according to local police. The driver, Obinna Aguocha, 39, drove or crashed into a classroom where 22 fifth graders were studying. Three student were taken to local hospitals but reports said none of the injuries were life-threatening and were released later that day. Reports say Aguocha began honking his horn and then “purposefully” drove into the the building.


23 November 2022: Chicago, Illinois

A car speeding down the wrong way of a Chicago street smashed into numerous other vehicles at an intersection. The two occupants were killed and 16 other people were injured, including seven children, according to a police statement. The vehicle, a Dodge Charger, was traveling “at a very high rate of speed” the wrong way northbound in a southbound lane in Chicago’s South Side, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said at a news conference. The Charger hit seven other vehicles when it entered the intersection and burst into flames following the collision, Brown said. The vehicle had been reported stolen from a southern suburb of Chicago and a long rifle was found inside the vehicle, Brown added.


17 November 2022: Whittier, California

Nicholas Gutierrez was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of a peace officer after he reportedly drove his SUV into the wrong lane and then crashed into a group of Los Angeles County law enforcement recruits as they exercised on a training run. Twenty-five recruits were injured, five of them critically. The incident happened north of Los Angeles in suburban Whittier, Calif. The crash was described as “chaotic,” and authorities said it looked like an airplane wreck. Seventy-five recruits were running in a line accompanied by two black-and-white police cars and eight road guards wearing reflective vests as a safety precaution, sheriff’s authorities said. Drill instructors, who are sworn deputy sheriffs, were also running with the group, but were not injured, said Sheriff’s Capt. Patrick Macdonald. “It is unprecedented that something like this would happen, when a vehicle would actually travel southbound and then cross oncoming traffic to the extreme east side to hit recruits,” Macdonald said. Some of the recruits said they heard the vehicle accelerating. It was estimated to be going about 30-40 miles per hour, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said.


November 21 2022: Hingham, Massachusetts

A vehicle crashed through the front window of an Apple store Monday, November 21 in Hingham, Massachusetts. One person was killed and 16 others were injured, authorities said. Police were investigating but didn’t indicate whether the crash was believed to be accidental.


25 August 2022: Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas, was hit with approximately 10 inches of rain in about six hours causing flash flooding that crippled transportation, highways and roads and trapped people in their cars.


24 July 2022: Mevo Dotan, Palestine

A man who ran over and killed two IDF soldiers and seriously injured two other soldiers in Palestine in 2018 was convicted on charges of murder and two counts of attempted murder in July by the Samaria Military Court. The man claimed that the incident was a car accident and not an intentional attack. Hoewever, on March 16, 2018, IDF soldiers Capt. Ziv Daus, 21, and Sgt. Netanel Kahalani, 20, were killed when the man driving a car rammed into them near a pillbox post close to the entrance of the West Bank settlement of Mevo Dotan.