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Chapter Ten: The Conclusion

With Flight 402 seemingly safely on the ground in Halifax, the local authorities take control of the situation. With hijackers, human traffickers, injured crewmembers, unruly passengers and worried passengers on board, the nightmare…and our serialisation…may be over but challenges remain.

t was one hell of a welcoming committee, thought Captain Davidson, watching the four ambulances, six police vehicles, an armoured truck and three airport vehicles surround the aircraft. “Please remain seated until you are told to stand. We will be holding here on the runway for some minutes.”

The first to arrive at the aircraft door were paramedics, closely followed by two armed police officers. As soon as they were on board, Claire directed them where Tom was holding Charlotte at the basin. The two men helped Tom lift her onto the stretcher. He gently stroked her red hair.

“You’ll be fine,” he whispered to her. “You’re a hero. Remember that. Without you, this plane could’ve been crashing into the ocean or on its way to New York now under the control of some maniac. You’ll be fine,” he repeated. Charlotte opened her eyes and winced again with pain.

“There was a chemical,” Tom explained to the paramedic. “He said it was deadly.”  He was babbling on, his words just spilling out, unable to keep the emotion from his voice. He indicated to the bottle in the basin. One of the police officers donned thick gloves and carefully lifted the bottle into a glass container with a pair of tongs.

“How long ago did she come into contact with it?”

Tom estimated that it had been twenty minutes.

“I doubt it’s going to kill her,” said the paramedic. “She would’ve been dead by now if it contained what it says on the bottle.”

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