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Chess Dynamics Launches Counter Drone System for Airports

Chess Dynamics has developed automated drone protection systems specifically for use at airports. Based on the military-proven Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) AUDS, installed by Chess at London Gatwick Airport following the drone attack in December 2018, the new scalable systems have been developed based on two elements – AirGuard – protecting the airport perimeter, and AirShield – protecting the flightpath.

AirGuard is a fully automated C-UAS solution, creating a 3D detection and protection ‘bubble’ around the perimeter of the airport. Incorporating multiple sensors including radar, acoustic sensors, radio frequency direction-finders and electro-optical video tracking technology, the system automatically detects and tracks airborne objects and flags an alert to the operator. Using real-time analysis of the camera output, the operator can classify the threat – escalating or downgrading the security threat as required. Operators can provide security agencies with accurate information, including recorded video evidence. The system can be integrated into existing video management systems and security infrastructure and either installed as a fixed installation or can be mounted onto a vehicle – the latter designed to support smaller airports to provide greater flexibility.

AirShield offers Air Traffic Control (ATC) operations an automated drone detection and alert solution to maximise protection of the flightpath up to 10km from the runway, enabling rapid decisions to be made, should a threat be identified. Installed as a completely self-contained and stand-alone 3D radar electro-optic solution, the system can be fully integrated into existing ATC infrastructure. It is capable of auto-alerting operators of using radar detection and automatically enables real-time tracking and classification using multi-spectrum electro-optical video capability. The system can provide ATC with location, flight velocity and bearing data.

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