CLEAR Offers Health Pass

With the CLEAR app, users can enroll and complete their Health Pass on their personal device from home. Health Pass is a free feature in the CLEAR mobile app. The feature is available to anyone 18 or older with a U. S. state ID, driver license, U. S. passport, or permanent resident ID. Health Pass is a free service but you must enroll in CLEAR to use it, and CLEAR says you can enroll for free as well. Current CLEAR members can simply log into their account, and select ‘Health Pass’ on the home screen.

After the user has received the COVID-19 vaccine, they can securely link the provider with CLEAR to confirm their vaccination status in an easy and privacy-preserving way, the company says. Users can also integrate their latest COVID-19 lab result with access to 30,000 labs. There is a one-time account link between CLEAR and the users lab account.

At the airport, CLEAR has set up temperature check stations and after answering a few questions and getting temperature check, users proceed to security. The U. S. National Hockey League is using the feature for it players as well.