Connectivity Issue Grounds Multiple Southwest Airlines Flights

About 500 Southwest Airlines flights were cancelled Tuesday June 15 just a day after another glitch grounded additional flights. The ripple effect will impact passengers for days as the airline works to rebook them. The airline said “intermittent performance issues” with its network connectivity were to blame for the situation Tuesday and Monday’s problems were due to weather data provider.

The FAA tweeted: The FAA issued a temporary nationwide ground stop at the request of Southwest Airlines while the company resolved a reservation computer issue. Please contact the airline for further details. Passengers tweeted the issue was described to them as a problem with “the electronic system used to monitor the weather.”

Meanwhile as the situation was resolved, Southwest tweeted: “We are in the process of resuming normal operations after a system issue this afternoon that created flight disruptions throughout our network. We know many Customers still require assistance and are working to address those concerns as quickly as possible.”

(Patrick C. Miller image from Twitter).