Dedrone and Swisscom Join Forces to Protect Against Suspicious Drones

Dedrone and Swisscom Broadcast announced a partnership to protect people, property, and information from the threat of unauthorized drones.

As part of this cooperation, the Swiss company will implement Dedrone’s market-leading counter-drone solution for its projects. Together, Dedrone and Swisscom Broadcast say they plan to protect critical infrastructure facilities, airports, and events. Additionally, the solution will enable law enforcement agencies to ensure public safety in their regions.

“Dedrone’s Smart airspace security solution is the foundation for Swisscom Broadcast customers to protect their airspace from unauthorized drones,” shares Danny Schmid, Drone and Drone Security leader for Swisscom Broadcast. “We have already successfully implemented our first joint projects.”

Swisscom customers protecting critical sites can now expand security protection into their airspace through Dedrone’s drone detection and threat mitigation solution. Drones are rapidly increasing in numbers from delivery to inspection; however, as more drones become useful, the threat of uncooperative or malicious drones increases. Swisscom and Dedrone now offer an airspace security solution extending security beyond the height of any fence at critical sites and across cities, allowing security providers to differentiate between cooperative drones and unauthorized or nefarious drones.

“As Switzerland helps lead the globe in drone innovation, we are thrilled to be united with Swisscom Broadcast to offer our solutions for the safe integration of drones into the Swiss airspace,” says Dedrone CEO Aaditya Devarakonda. “Dedrone is the top choice for security teams to protect the world’s most sophisticated and secure sites from drone-based interruptions, and with Swisscom Broadcast, we are delighted to deliver smart airspace security to several of Switzerland’s most prized and protected sites.” For more on counter-drone developments, see our feature story on page 12.