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Delta’s Vehicle Access Control Equipment Protects Commonwealth Games in Australia

Delta Scientific, a manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems, announced that Delta’s MP5000 portable barrier systems were selected to protect people attending the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The Commonwealth Games, held 4-15 April on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, included 4,400 athletes from 70 Commonwealth nations throughout the world, competing in 19 championship sports. Organisers required a vehicle access system that could be rapidly deployed and would create secure vehicle checkpoints that carried crash certification.

Security focus had begun years prior to the games. The focus went beyond hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) measures to include various other identified security risks. Perimeter security measures were aligned with the recently implemented Australia and New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee (ANZCTC) strategy for the protection of places of mass gatherings. A core element of this strategy was the effective and practical implementation of HVM measures at key locations.

Delta’s MP5000 portable barricades can be installed in 15 minutes or less to protect streets, entrances or wide expanses such as access to pedestrian areas. They protect people and critical infrastructures at public events and places of mass gathering, such as the Commonwealth Games. These mobile deployable vehicle crash barriers carry a recognised K8 rating (M40 ASTM rating). They lower to let vehicles through but, when raised, they will stop a 6800 kg vehicle traveling 64 km/h. At the games, stand-alone battery operated hydraulic systems with supplementary solar power charging and remote-control operation activated the barriers and allowed a high rate of vehicle throughput in meeting specific operational requirements.

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