EASA Launches European Information Sharing and Cooperation Platform on Conflict Zones

EASA Launches European Information Sharing and Cooperation Platform on Conflict Zones

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency launched the European Information Sharing and Cooperation Platform on Conflict Zones, an initiative which ensures that participating EASA member states and their operators have easy access to the best information when planning flights near or over areas of conflict.

The launch of the platform, developed together with Osprey Flight Solutions, is the latest operational step in Europe’s multi-layered strategy to improve conflict zone information sharing. This was initiated in response to the tragic shooting down of MH17 over eastern Ukraine in July 2014 and its momentum reinforced by the loss of PS752, shot down over Tehran in January 2020.

The aim of the Platform is to enable its members to carry out risk assessments and take decisions based on reliable and updated data. In addition, the exchange of information between experts is expected to enhance the confidence of those taking decisions regarding the operation of flights in conflict zone areas. EASA will ensure that the Platform remains a trusted environment and also moderate the content and discussions.

“Conflict zones are by their nature unpredictable,” said Luc Tytgat, EASA’s Director for Strategy and Safety Management. “That means that operators need the very best information available on time to make their risk assessments. EASA is confident that continuous, dynamic, comprehensive information sharing through this platform will increase situational awareness and enhance flight safety and security. We are excited to be launching this platform, which in its breadth and aims is a world first.”

The launch follows a nine-month trial period in 2021, during which European Member States and operators where able to gain experience with the platform and also give feedback forimprovements in the final version. The timing of the launch has no direct link to the current Ukraine crisis.

“Osprey is delighted to partner with EASA on this project, a development that aligns completely with our own vision to enable safer and more secure operations for everyone traveling by air. It has been, and continues to be, a pleasure to support them with this endeavor,” said Osprey CEO Andrew Nicholson.

Access to the platform is granted by EASA only to authorized bodies. The platform is fully funded by EASA, meaning that is made available free of charge to eligible interested parties.