ESPORG Launches Excellence in Truck Parking Award: Applications Due by 11 February 2022

ESPORG, the European Secure Truck Parking Organisation, with its public and private partners, from the European Commission, ITF, ACEA, CLECAT, ECG, ESC, UETR, TVM, DEKRA and the Truckers Life Foundation, launched the European Truck Parking Award recently, with the objective to promote safety, security, quality, and care in providing services to professional truck drivers when using safe and secure truck parking areas.

The aim of the Excellence in Truck Parking Award is to promote excellence and to help spread good practices in view of improving safety, security and quality of services offered by truck parking operators to professional truck drivers, and, by doing so, to enhance the attractiveness and appeal of the driver profession to an increasingly diverse and wider public, including young people and women.

“We are proud to launch this new Award, which aims at showcasing and promoting the best among our truck parking operators, and by the same token, contribute to resolutely improving the working conditions of professional lorry drivers across Europe,” Michael Nielsen, president of ESPORG, said.

Candidates can be public and private truck parking operators, as well as road transport companies operating truck parking facilities in Europe, which have been audited and already satisfy one of the four levels of the EU-Parking Standard – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. They must prepare a dossier in the English language and submit it by 11 February 2022. The winners and runners up will be unveiled at a dedicated ceremony on 3 March 2022.

“[The ESPORG Award] is strongly in line with the new EU standards for safe and secure truck parking areas, which are expected to become EU law in January. We want to contribute further to their uptake, whilst at the same time rewarding the abundance of excellence, which already exist in our business, and incentivise others to follow – all this for the benefit of both parking operators and the entire supply chain in Europe”, concluded Dirk Penasse, ESPORG’s General Manager.

For additional information, please contact: Dirk Penasse, phone: +32 487 487 487