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European Demonstrators March Against Vaccine Passports

Crowds of people gathered this past weekend to protest vaccine passports that have been mandated in efforts to slow and end the pandemic. Demonstrations took place in Athens, Helsinki, London, Paris and Stockholm.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex is implementing a new COVID-19 pass that is supposed to go into effect Monday, January 24. This pass restricts those who have not taken the vaccine, banning them from flights, restaurants, sports events and other venues, according to reports. “[It] is necessary if we want to preserve and increase our vaccination coverage in the event of new variants,” the Prime Minister said last week.

Swedish citizens gathered around 3000 demonstrators who marched though Stockholm. There, vaccine certificates are required for attendance at indoor events with more than 50 people.

Protests also happened in Helsinki where restrictions included limiting or prohibiting events, online university classes, limiting restaurant service (restaurants can require vaccine passports) and closing venues as needed.