Free2Move Makes Waves in Car Rental Market in Washington D.C.

Free2Move Makes Waves in Car Rental Market in Washington D.C.

Free2Move is launching their “Car On Demand” service in Washington D.C. This month-to-month subscription gives customers a flexible, all-inclusive program, easily accessed through the Free2Move App. With Car on Demand, Free2Move adds an additional solution to the already successful offering in progressive city of Washington D.C. The company says the launch is a key milestone as the brand continues to roll out their service in key U.S. cities.

Free2Move states their objective as “To simplify mobility for its customers with high-performance, tailor-made solutions in line with the world of tomorrow. Free2Move is 100% digital and includes innovative approaches to car sharing, ride sharing, parking access and rental services, all united in a single App for seamless, on-demand access. The Free2Move Car On Demand addition adds flexible, month-to-month vehicle access, free of hidden fees.”

“Adding Car On Demand to our service portfolio in Washington D.C. is an exciting, strategic step for our brand,” shares Brigitte Courtehoux, Free2Move Brand CEO. “Our goal is to develop solutions for urban populations who are eager to use, but not necessarily to purchase, vehicles. Free2Move Car On Demand is already a success in Los Angeles, as well as in many European cities. We look forward to meeting the needs of our Washington D.C. customers with this flexible, all-inclusive car rental option.”

With a distinct focus on the future of mobility, Free2Move works to find answers to vehicle access for customers, without long-term commitment. Data is collected through customer surveys on vehicle usage, feedback on services already in place, and questions about ideal offerings, creating carefully researched Free2Move services that enhance the customer experience. Free2Move Car On Demand is specifically designed for customers interested in accessing a vehicle for one-month or more. The company touts the set monthly fee as a way to make budgeting easy, as all is included in the price. Cars are delivered to the customers at the location of their choice within D.C. The Washington D.C. Free2Move Car On Demand will start with a fleet of Jeep Renegades.

“We are excited to bring the Free2Move technology platform to the North American market,” said David Dowty, head of Free2Move North America – Business and Corp Development. “With the backing of one of the world’s largest OEMs, combined with the agility of a startup, Free2Move provides a full-spectrum Mobility ecosystem with solutions for both B2B Fleet Customers and direct-to-consumer services. Our core mission is to deliver sustainable, safe, and efficient mobility services for business and consumers alike.”

The group initially debuted their Washington D.C. services in the area three years ago. Washingtonians quickly bought into the ease-of-use the Free2Move App offers, as well as the services that make mobility seamless. Free2Move Car sharing/rent, Park and Ride have developed a loyal clientele that access vehicles on a day to day or even minute to minute basis, depending on each individual need.