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Gemalto to Provide Biometric Solutions to Uganda’s Entebbe Airport & LAX

Gemalto, in cooperation with local partner SCINTL, has been awarded a contract to supply a border management system, including airport self-service eKiosks at Entebbe. The e-Immigration solution uses Gemalto’s fingerprint and facial recognition technology, combined with a passport scan to ensure swift and accurate identification of passengers leaving the country. It is built on the Gemalto Visa Management System that was first deployed in 2014 by the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control, part of Uganda’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Once implementation of the e-Immigration solution is complete in 2019, passengers will enjoy the option of quicker, self-guided pathway through border control, whilst authorities are provided with comprehensive, real-time data on departures from Uganda.

Gemalto has also announced a joint trial with a leading airline to bring convenience and security to passengers through use of facial recognition in Terminal 4 at Los Angeles International Airport.

The pilot programme has minimal hardware and infrastructure changes as it will be integrated into the existing agent podium to facilitate boarding. Passengers will approach the gate and receive confirmation via a computer screen following a facial verification from Customs and Border Protection’s Traveler Verification Services. Once verified, the captured images will be wiped from the system to ensure privacy for all passengers.
At a recent Department of Homeland Security biometric testing, Gemalto’s Live Face Identification System achieved a 99.44% successful acquisition rate in less than five seconds.

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