GigNet Announces Groundbreaking Agreement to Bring Advanced Biometrics to Puerto Cancun, a Commercial and Residential Smart Development in Mexico

GigNet Announces Groundbreaking Agreement to Bring Advanced Biometrics to Puerto Cancun, a Commercial and Residential Smart Development in Mexico

GigNet, a digital infrastructure company with an extensive regional fiber-optic broadband network from Costa Mujeres, North of Cancun, through the Hotel Zone of Tulum, has announced a unique multiparty agreement to bring advanced biometrics to the Puerto Cancun development in Cancun, Mexico. GigNet, which has invested substantial resources in fiber-optic infrastructure in and around Puerto Cancun, will partner with Pangiam, utilizing their Trueface product, one of the leading facial recognition solutions in the world. Puerto Cancun is one of the newest and fastest growing developments in the Cancun region, with a modern marina, destination shopping mall, hotels, office complexes, and an estimated 2,400 residential units including luxury towers and homes.

Pangiam’s Trueface has built a reputation and is ranked as the number one fastest software in the world in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) benchmark. Pangiam will be deploying an advanced facial recognition solution for access control to bolster security at the development.

“Pangiam is excited to strengthen our relationship with GigNet and to provide Puerto Cancun with cutting-edge technology to seamlessly enhance safety and security for the residents and visitors entering the development,” Shaun Moore, chief AI officer of Pangiam, said.

“Puerto Cancun, with the vision of being the best condominium in Mexico, has a continuous development plan for the community, including sustainable mobility and security,” added Omar Sánchez Rodríguez, resident manager (Administrador Residente) of Puerto Cancún. “Among the actions and investments arranged for the continuous improvement of security is the use of Pangiam’s Trueface product. We are pioneers in the implementation of technologies like this with the aim of adding to the security of visitors and owners.”

Mark Carney, OBE and president of GigNet Mexico, stated, “This agreement is important for all the parties, but just as important, it is groundbreaking for the region. Our long-term strategy is to build on our investment in new fiber-optic network infrastructure throughout the region — which makes possible advanced services we are bringing to market in 2023. We have partnered with the Puerto Cancun developers over the past three years to install fiber optics for our hospitality, enterprise and fiber-to-the-home clients in the development. Advanced biometrics, which relies on reliable, high-speed connectivity, will enhance security for residents and visitors, as well as facilitate efficient access controls and other features that make Puerto Cancun one of the most desirable Smart Developments in all of Mexico. Commitment to enhanced security is a key reason the Cancun region continues to break records for visitors. We will seek to expand our relationship with Pangiam to additional developments in the Cancun region.”