Havfram Selects IFS Cloud to Drive Rapid Growth

IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, today announced that Havfram, the Norwegian offshore wind company with its two wholly owned subsidiaries Havfram Wind and Kontiki Winds has chosen to implement IFS Cloud as it looks to grow into new territories and meet the fast-evolving global need for new clean energy sources that help to combat climate change.

Havfram made the decision to work with IFS based on its long track record and expertise in the offshore, maritime and renewables industries. It trusts that IFS Cloud, with its track record of being used to efficiently manage projects and assets, is well suited to the demands of these sectors. In particular, Havfram is confident that the solution will manage the urgent needs around its subsidiaries` core businesses, such as the transport, installation of wind turbines and development of offshore wind farms.

IFS Cloud will provide Havfram with an end-to-end solution founded on a single platform and a single data model. This will support its mission-critical operations today but also help it to scale up to meet its evolving needs as it begins to execute its ‘start small, think big’ growth program.

Bjørn Ola Smievoll, VP IT, Havfram, said: “The choice of IFS Cloud as an ERP solution was largely based on the industry expertise and knowledge IFS demonstrated in the field of project and maintenance of marine installations. They understand the challenges involved in operating in harsh, offshore environments and the importance of technology that delivers the agility needed to address them. We have complete confidence in IFS to deliver this solution on time and according to exact specifications and we know they are a technology partner we can grow and innovate with in the future.”

The new IFS Cloud solution will be implemented by IFS partner, Addovation. From the outset, it will cover functionality used by approximately 200 users at four Havfram sites: two in Norway and one in each of Australia and the UK. IFS Cloud will support multiple business functions for the company, including project management, supply chain, service and asset management, finance, HR and customer relationship management (CRM), with more to follow over time.

Ann Kristin Sander, managing Director Nordics, IFS said: “Offshore wind companies are looking to tap into new opportunities that are fast emerging in the market today. We are seeing significant government investments in the sector driven by the need for clean energy. At the same time, legislation in many countries dictates that utilities must generate a certain percentage of their electricity from renewable sources. This present additional openings for wind power companies, but to take advantage of them, companies like Havfram Wind need to be agile and move fast. That’s what we can deliver for them through our IFS Cloud solution.”