Huge Container Ship Blocking Suez Canal

One of the world’s most frequented canals and water passages is currently being blocked by an enormous container ship. Authorities are working diligently to clear the ship from the canal as other ships wait to pass.

Even if the canal is cleared within hours, authorities say the event could cause ripple effect delays in the supply chain for days. The ship, The Ever Given, is operated by Taiwanese company Evergreen Group. It is one of the largest ships in operation at 400 meters – taller than the Empire State Building if turned upright.

Some reports say there are more than 100 ships awaiting passage through the canal at this time.

Tug boats are currently trying to push it out of its stuck position touching both sides of the canal walls. Canal authorities say all efforts are being made to get the ship unstuck and on its way and so that other ships can move through the canal as soon as possible. All crew from the Ever Given are reported to be safe and no injuries have been reported.