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Icelandair Appoints STG Aerospace to Develop Innovative Wi-Fi Signage

In response to a request from its long-standing client Icelandair, STG Aerospace has designed, developed and patented a powerful and simple saf-Tsign® product, introduced to upgrade dated passenger service units (PSU), complete with a switchable Wi-Fi sign.

Through a powerful combination of photoluminescent and LED technology, the new PSU lens removes the need to backlight signs by illuminating them with blue glowing photoluminescence, ensuring they are always visible even in low light and dark conditions.

Sigurður Ingi Ljótsson, Industrial Designer at Icelandair, said: “Our long-standing relationship with STG Aerospace made them a first choice for this PSU upgrade project. By changing the switched no-smoking symbol for a Wi-Fi available one, we can let passengers know in the day or night that Wi-Fi connectivity is available on our planes.”

In addition to the practical and aesthetic benefits, the newly patented PSU lens is a lighter, simpler, retrofit solution that can be customised to provide effective on-brand messaging to all passengers on-board.

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