IFOA Partnering with Osprey

The International Flight Operations Academy (Virtual Operator Trainers Ready Sailors for the High-End Fight (Cont’d pg. 10)) has begun a new collaboration with Osprey Flight Solutions, to enhance their training program through the use of Osprey‘s unique data-led risk management system.

Operating from their headquarters in Switzerland, IFOA provides world-class customized training for aviation professionals, with an extensive portfolio of flight operations training programs, consulting services, and strategic solutions for both individuals and organizations. IFOA aims to ensure that everyone working within flight operations achieves the highest possible level of competencies to carry out their duties and responsibilities safely and effectively.

By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with world-class human analysis, Osprey Flight Solutions delivers the most powerful resource in the industry for understanding the risks in the global aviation operating environment. By using every tool, technique and technology available, Osprey provides instantaneous access to global analysis, intelligence, information and data on the aviation security environment.

With the aligned common goal of improving flight safety and security across the industry, the partnership between IFOA and Osprey will enable training participants to discover the most efficient and effective methods of risk identification, assessment and evaluation, enhancing their situational awareness of the aviation operating environment.