Innofreight Aims for Safest Rail Freight Fleet in Europe Through Digital Innovation with Nexxiot

Innofreight Aims for Safest Rail Freight Fleet in Europe Through Digital Innovation with Nexxiot

European rail logistics company, Innofreight, has selected Nexxiot to complete the digitalization of its entire railcar fleet. The company which has just moved into its new headquarters in Bruck an der Mur in Austria, works closely with its customers and the wider industry to develop containers, railcars and unloading systems to constantly optimize rail freight transports. Innofreight has a commitment to the highest professional standards, innovation and modular solutions for maximum capacity across Europe, to drive ecological progress, and support of the shift from road to rail.

Innofreight, which has already equipped Nexxiot’s Asset Intelligence technology on over 1,000 of its railcars, will now move forward with a further deployment so the entire fleet is digitalized. Innofreight CEO, Isabella Legat said “The company operates in over 20 countries and handles over two million container unloadings every year. With a railcar fleet of 2,700 and 23,000 containers in use, the adoption of the newest digital strategies is invaluable to our clients and partners, especially where safety is concerned. Here there can be no compromise.”

New railcars will be produced by TŽV Gredelj, Croatia, part of the Tatravagónka family – a factory with more than 125 years of tradition and experience in the design, production, reconstruction, modernization, and maintenance of all types of railway vehicles. These, together with the existing fleet will all be fitted with Nexxiot’s industry-leading Globehopper connectivity gateway.

Innofreight runs 230 block trains every day throughout Europe and seeks to develop logistics solutions that shift road traffic to rail to reduce CO2 and develop modular offerings to maximize capacity, efficiency, and flexibility.

Nexxiot CEO, Stefan Kalmund commented, “We endorse Innofreight’s stance on innovation and fully support the impressive vision for a more efficient and ecological transport network.”

Legat continued, “The Innofreight culture is to push for constant improvement. The data we gather through Nexxiot’s technology creates transparency, increased efficiency, and productivity through the smart use of data. We always seek to find the best strategic and cultural fit to maximize benefits to our clients. We first entered the partnership with Nexxiot around this time last year. Since then, through our learnings we understood that we can create a new benchmark in safety, maintenance efficiency and client services for our customers all over Europe. Nexxiot’s solutions will be deployed to expand our business as well as our services in line with our quality and security standards as we continue to optimize rail freight transports.”