Jet Blue Pilot “Impaired” by Alcohol, Removed from Flight Deck

52-year-old James Clifton of Orlando, Fla., was arrested and removed from the flight deck of an aircraft Wednesday, March 2 after a TSA agent observed his erratic behavior and called airport police. The TSA officer told authorities that the pilot appeared to be “impaired” while passing through the security checkpoint. Clifton reportedly admitted to having seven or eight drinks prior to going through Buffalo Niagra International Airport security checkpoint that morning. Clifton was arrested and found to be registering a blood-alcohol level of .17. To make matters worse, the pilot told the police he needed to retrieve his gun from the cockpit while being detained. He is facing federal charges in relation to the incident. JetBlue released a statement saying it was aware of the incident and was fully cooperating with law enforcement during its investigation.