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Keflavik Expands Veovo Technology for Airport-Wide Passenger Flow Visibility

Isavia, Iceland’s national airport and air navigation service provider, have announced plans to expand the Veovo Flow Management Solution within Keflavík International Airport due to the rapid growth of passengers visiting the airport.

The technology, which consists of sensors and advanced deep learning algorithms, will provide a cohesive picture of how passengers move through and use the airport and how disruptions or changes affect standard behaviour, enabling more informed operational and business decisions.

Initially implemented at check-in and security processes in 2016, the solution provides wait time and occupancy figures to help meet service level agreements and alleviate overcrowding. Alongside this, Keflavík also deployed Veovo’s Airport Management System for operational visibility to enhance resource management. Together, the solutions ensure wait times and flight information are communicated on screens and mobile app, keeping passengers informed.

With the extended roll-out, Keflavík will have a detailed view of passengers´ movement patterns, from the moment they arrive until boarding the plane. The airport will be able to extract any combination of data, both real-time and historical, for all areas, broken down per flight.

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