Memphis International Airport Adopts Amadeus Technology to Support Transformation

Over the past few years, Memphis International Airport has transformed from a regional hub to an ‘origin and destination’ airport. Rather than serving as a transfer hub for one primary airline, Memphis has diversified its number of carriers and is working to recruit additional airlines, including ultra-low-cost carriers that fly point-to-point routes. In addition to a major concourse redevelopment, the airport is acquiring a new generation of IT systems to support this change. 

With a more diverse range of airlines operating from Memphis, the airport sought to enhance its operational capabilities with technological upgrades that include several Amadeus Airport Management Solutions. The introduction of a new Airport Operational Database (AODB) provides information that includes airline flight schedules a year in advance, so all systems and partners at the airport have a consistent, long-range operational view.

Memphis International Airport will transition to the Amadeus Resource Management System (RMS) for management of shared gates, ticket counters, and baggage drop-off points, based on a real-time view of demand from different airlines.

In addition, the airport will utilize the Amadeus PROworks contracting and billing management system. 

“Our modernization project will reinvent the travel experience for the Memphis passenger, and welcome millions of travelers to our great city,” Scott A. Brockman, President and CEO, Memphis International Airport commented. “This technology will be a key part of our modernization and our operations moving forward.” 

Elena Avila, EVP Airport IT and Airline Operations, Amadeus added: “Airports across the United States are adapting to the operational shifts ongoing in aviation. Our technology is specifically designed to help manage the complexity of terminals and resources that are shared by multiple carriers, which will prove critically valuable in this ongoing transformation. In particular, we’re excited to support this important transformation at Memphis.”