Press Release

Milton Security Announces Ptolemy:TEMPEST

Milton Security, a provider of Threat Hunting as a Service, XDR & MDR (MxDR) SOC Services, announced the upcoming release of Ptolemy:TEMPEST, a highly curated, time sensitive, zero-hour focused intelligence feed of known and active malicious IPs.

Utilizing Ptolemy, their proprietary threat intelligence engine as the workhorse, Milton Security curates threat intelligence from past, present, and future attacks. The resulting data is a feed of active, malicious IPs which can be used to increase perimeter security in Palo Alto, Cisco, and Sonicwall firewalls. The list is refreshed with highly time sensitive, zero-hour focused intelligence, effectively updating customers security mitigation at the perimeter in near-real time.

“Ptolemy:TEMPEST is a game-changer,” said James McMurry, Milton Security CEO & founder. “The intelligence provided in this first release of Ptolemy:TEMPEST is a focused set of data that we see in real time across the 200 billion plus event messages we ingest and our deep research at 1MC Labs. By offering data that we’ve created and use in our own threat hunting, organizations are now able to use our knowledge to efficiently increase their perimeter security.”

The first stage of rollout begins in January of 2022 and will be available only to Milton Security customers. Beginning in late Q1, automated IP management will be available to the general public.