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Montevideo’s Carrasco Implements Vision-Box

Uruguay’s gateway, Carrasco International Airport, operated by Corporación America, has begun self-service biometric boarding, the first in Latin America. Passengers boarded in a few seconds, without having to show their passport or boarding pass, only a face scan is required. The 16 biometric self-boarding gates have been introduced as part of the Easy Airport programme, which has been offering passengers biometric border control since 2016. Carrasco International is now looking to extend the use of biometric technology to all remaining passenger interaction stages. The programme is devised to transform Carrasco Airport into a fully end-to-end contactless experience, where your face is your passport, which will accelerate traveller flow processing and offer a frictionless journey to the airport guests.

Other airports within the region are looking to do the same. Corporación America has announced a strategic modernisation plan that will span over 50 airports it operates. The company has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Vision-Box to bring seamless travel technologies to other commercial airports of the network.

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