New Report by QinetiQ: Becoming ‘The Hardest Target’ for Adversaries

The nations able to perfect a holistic approach to technological deterrents will make themselves the hardest targets for enemies to strike, according to a new report released by QinetiQ. Superior technologies, deployable with powerful and immediate effect, and exploiting them to their fullest potential is critical for gaining future competitive advantage.

Owning the most advanced technology is not enough to secure a competitive advantage in today’s geopolitical environment. To seize the technological advantage, the way in which the technology is used is just as important as what it does. Effective exploitation of technology is a powerful deterrent in its own right. QinetiQ’s new report, released at DSEI 2021, provides recommendations on how nations can exploit technology more effectively to make themselves the hardest target for adversaries to strike; being superior to the adversary in understanding the threat environment, being more innovative in the application of technology and acting and reacting faster.

The report will address the challenges and look at technologies and other factors that will transform defense over the next decade and beyond to 2040. Download a copy at