New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Caught Off Guard by Weather, Transportation Flooded

New York City’s subway system flooded in areas as a result of intense rains that first devastated New Orleans, the state of Louisiana and then headed north. Reports says first responders rescued commuters from halted subway trains on Wednesday evening after a two onslaught of rain flooded subway stations. Some riders were left to fend for themselves overnight in subway stations, sleeping on benches while service was suspended. Riders said they had never seen anything like the flooding happening Wednesday evening.

Reports of deaths due to the flooding have steadily increased as reports are arriving from the community and as it stands now 45 people have been reportedly died due to the weather event. There are reports of more than 500 abandoned vehicles on the streets of New York City. In a press conference in the Queens borough of New York, newly sworn in Governor Kathy Hochul said, “We need to foresee these in advance and be prepared.” Some reports say that more than six inches of water fell in two-to-three hours. Central Park recorded 3.15 inches of rain in one hour. First responders were forced to rescue people by boat from the roofs of their cars. Many were evacuated from the trains and subways in the area. Some subway lines were still not operating into late Thursday, September 2.

Philadelphia, Penn. was also severely impacted with flooding and water rescues ensuing. Some reports called damage in that area “vast.”